28 Day



The 28DSP

A distraction free guide and companion to your first draft.

For first-timers and seasoned pros, 28 day screenplay is a template built to give you the easiest transition from story idea to script.

Easy to take with you and work on anywhere, this guide will help you stay distraction-free and logically layout all the pieces you need to complete your puzzle. Complete with resources to help you brainstorm character arcs, inciting incidents, traits, structure, genre, and more

Take the dive and write your first draft that has been begging to get out of your brain and onto the page. From cover to cover (including the cover) this book will become a companion compendium of your screenplay.


  • Prompts to help develop your idea into a story.
  • Resources to help you brainstorm without leaving the book, freeing you from distractions.
  • Preformatted outlines for, Beats, Scenes, Sequences,  Character development, loglines, titles, and more!
  • Suggestions for books and other media to keep you tack sharp on your screenwriting journey.
  • Daily journal log and task lists to keep you on task and document every step of your progress.